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New "tailor-made" product!

by Kinga Kruszena

Dear Customers!

Taking into consideration your needs regarding custom types of rubber, we offer a possibility to produce a material that will meet all your individual needs.

Ready Laser Rubber has unique side edges developed for use in rotary laser. In addition, they can be used as a great form of advertisement, you can place your logo there or some information about your company.

You can personalize your rubber by choosing a unique colour which will make you distinguishable on the market and help you offer more than your competitors.
You can order personalized boxes too with your company name, logo, address information etc.
The next parameter you can change is the size and thickness of rubber sheets - this is really a tailor made product, exactly what you need.
Adding an adhesive bottom is also an option worth mentioning.

Find it out by yourself and contact our specialists.

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