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Laser rubber for art stamps

by Amanda Horak

Ready for Laser is an ideal engraving rubber material, and not just for manufacturing the rubber dies used in office stamps. Those stamps traditionally found in companies, schools and various other institutions now have a vast array of new uses in the form of art stamps.
Art stamps have become so popular in the United States that they today form an established branch of the personalised products industry.
They are predominantly
used to decorate albums, invitations, scrapbook cards, letter paper and boxes, as well as to give festive wishes.
They are now often used in primary schools by teachers to reward students for their good work, as well as to mark books with ex-libris stamps.

The No Smell laser engraving rubber is perfect for art stamp manufacture as it ensures:

  • precise engraving
  • excellent inking
  • quick manufacture using a CO2 laser
  • no need for foil, matrices or chemical solutions

the option of manufacturing in shopping centres and in close vicinity to other companies – the No Smell and Eco line rubbers do not produce unpleasant aromas during the engraving process.

The use of art stamps gives you new possibilities to extend your product range, and can help you to further broaden your customer base.

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