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Black no smell laser rubber for arts & crafts stamps!

by Amanda Horak

Christmas season is coming - the time of sending greetings to friends, giving gifts to our loved ones and spending evenings at the table with family. To make it easier for you to take care of every smallest detail, such as gift wrapping, Christmas card or table decorations, we have introduced a new product to the Ready for laser offer - black, odorless rubber for arts & crafts stamps!

Ready for laser laser rubber is an ideal material not only for the production of text plates used in traditional stamps. It is also perfect for arts stamps, which give us extremely wide possibilities. Arts stamps have become extremely popular and are now a significant branch of the personalized products industry.

High-quality odorless laser rubber from our offer, thanks to its interesting colors, is perfect as a text plate for arts & crafts stamps used in the hand-made sector. It is perfect for creating unusual and unique imprints. Thanks to its properties, it allows you to make even the most complex patterns with the highest precision. Perfect for graphics and decorative writing. Mostly used to decorate albums, invitations, cards in scrapbooking technology, stationery, packaging or occasional wishes.

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