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We offer a wide range of laser engraving materials. You will find not only the highest quality rubber, but also plywood, carton for laser processing, beermat cardboard, felt, ceramic mugs or solid wood for laser engraving and cutting.

Glitter plexiglass

Glitter plexiglass available in 6 colors that will add sparkle to your project. Double-sided, recommended for effective signboards or decorations. It is characterized by unrivaled colors and the effect of shimmering particles. Excellent resistance to UV radiation and changing weather conditions as well as corrosive chemicals. Easy to mechanically and thermally process. It works great as a cake topper, an invitation element or an occasional decoration - when you want to add a unique and elegant element full of shine!


  • Thickness: 3mm (tolerance +/- 10%)
  • Material Type: cast acrylic
  • Basic sales format: 1220 x 610 mm (whole or cut into 4 sheets)
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Deformation temperature: 80 ° C
  • Available colors: gold, silver, orange, navy blue, pink and light green


Plywood sheets from birch or poplar wood. Available in different thicknesses. Wide range of applications - elements of furniture, decorations, packaging, souvenirs, gadgets, jewelry, educational games. For indoor use only. Sold in sets of 5 pcs.

Product name:

  • 1x600x300 mm birch wood 1/1
  • 3x600x300 mm birch wood 2/2
  • 4x610x305 mm birch wood 2/2
  • 5x600x300 mm birch wood 2/2
  • 6x610x305 mm birch wood 2/2
  • 3x600x300 mm poplar wood 1/2

Carton for laser processing


Carton available in 2 thicknesses. Color natural brown. Format 610 x 305 mm. Used in production of cup coasters, photo books, models, puzzles, packaging or in scrapbooking. Sold in sets of 5 pcs.

Available thickness:

  • 1x610x305 mm
  • 0,5x610x305 mm cream 610 g/m²

Beermat cardboard

Beermat cardboard

Beermat cardboard available in 2 thicknesses. Color cream. Form at 610 x 305 mm. Used in production of cup coasters, photo books, models, puzzles, packaging or in scrapbooking. Sold in sets of 5 pcs.

Available thickness:

  • 1,2x610x305 mm cream 500 g/m²
  • 1,5x610x305 mm cream 610 g/m²


Felt available in 14 different colors each 3 mm thick. Format at 610 x 305 mm. Felt can be used in many creative ways - decorations, jewelry, cup coasters etc. Sold in sets of 5 pcs.

Wide choice of colors: white, grey, beige, brown, yellow, orange, red, light green, pink, violet, light blue, dark blue, black, dark green.

Ceramic mugs

Engraved ceramic mugs works great as a present or promotional gift. Available in 6 colors. Capacity 300ml. Sold in sets of 6 pcs. 

Choice of colors: black, red, blue, green, yellow, orange.

Solid wood

Solid wood strips available in 5 different colors each in 3 thicknesses. Format 610 x 290 mm. Very popular material - frames, cases, invitations, packaging, elegant bookmarks, fridge magnets, souvenirs, boxes and stands for alcohol, interior decorations, Christmas decorations, 3D works, photos, jewelry, menus, certificates, promotional gadgets, awards, etc. For indoor use only.

Choice of colors: walnut, cherry, maple, alder, red oak

Available size and thickness:

  • 1,6x610x290 mm
  • 3,2x610xx290 mm
  • 4,8x610x290 mm