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Creative wooden stamps open up completely new possibilities and the only thing that can limit you is your imagination! Buy wooden stamps, design unique reflections and delight your customers with new creative possibilities!

High-quality wooden stamps make it possible to build a unique creative stamp, for which we recommend using self-adhesive foam to mount a text plate and no smell laser rubber for arts & crafts stamps, available in three colors: red, yellow and blue.

A wooden stamp gives the possibility of applying a pattern to the upper surface of the stamp in the form of an engraving or making imprint with paint. Such marking of the stamp helps making precise imprint, finding the desired imprint among others and makes the stamp itself more attractive.

The product is packed in 10 pieces. Available sizes below.

What will you need to make a creative stamp?


High-quality, no smell laser rubber, especially recommended for arts & crafts stamps. Thanks to its interesting colors, it is perfect as a text plate for hand-made stamps. It is perfect for creating unusual and unique imprints. Perfect for graphics or decorative writing. Most often used for decorating albums, invitations, stationery, packaging, in scrapbooking or for marking books with the exlibris stamp.

Laser rubber for arts & crafts stamps ensures perfect ink transfer thanks to the rough surface and thus the precise reflection of the imprint. It enables even the most complex patterns with the highest precision.

In our offer we have no smell rubber for arts & crfts stamps in A4 size with a thickness of 2.3 mm. Rubber hardness 60 ° Sh A (+/- 5 °) / 20 ° C. 4 colors to choose: black, red, blue and yellow. Laser rubber packed 10 pieces per package.

You can find more information about laser rubber for arts & crafts stamps from our website here.


To make a creative stamp, you will certainly need a self-adhesive foam. We offer the highest quality self-adhesive foam sheet for mounting a text plate on hand-made stamps. The foam is designed to get high quality clear reflection. It works perfectly with the laser rubber available in our offer. The sheet is equipped with a special glue that can be used on "difficult" surfaces such as wood.

The sheet of self-adhesive foam available in our offer has the dimensions of 330 x 315 x 2 mm.




Wooden stamps do not have an ink pad insert in their structure. Therefore, they require a separate ink pad. Discover the collection of ink pads in fantastic, electrifying colors. Stamp creatively and pour your colorful ideas onto paper! MAKE 1 is the largest and most creative collection of ink pads produced in Europe! You have never seen such colors - you have to try them all!

  • All ink pads are produced by COLOP in Europe
  • Available in 13 fantastic colors!
  • The drying time is only 3-5 seconds 
  • Water based ink, does not contain harmful substances - safe!
  • The size of the ink pad: 90 x 50 mm
  • All ink pads contain non-toxic ink and meet the EN-71/3 STANDARD
  • High quality case together with precision closing


Quick-drying, pigmented, alcohol-based ink, great especially for absorbent materials. The highest quality of the product ingredients guarantees high durability and resistance of imprint. Intensive colors provide high quality and clear imprint on a wide range of materials. The ink is recommended especially for "difficult" materials, such as cardboard, wood, jute, paper or even metal.

Drying time ∼ 60-90s. Low viscosity ∼ 20-50s according to 4 mm Ford cup.

Suitable for laser engraved text plates from Readyforlaser laser rubber - Eco Line, No smell and Standard versions. It is recommended to use together with a special ink pad for wooden stamps.

Before starting work, soak the ink pad. For this purpose, we evenly apply the right amount of ink and spread it all over the surface. After absorbing the ink, the pad is ready for use. After stamping is finished, close the cover to cut off the air supply. In case the ink has dried on the pad surface, use a new one.

121P ink available in 50 ml and 1 l capacity. Possibility to purchase individual bottles or a collective packaging containing 6 pieces of the product.


Alcohol-based solvent allows you to obtain the desired consistency of the ink. Restores inking properties of ink pads. Designed for 121P ink. The solvent should be dosed gradually, as too high concentration may weaken the covering properties and color intensity of the ink.

121P ink solvent available in a capacity of 1 l.