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cookie stamp

The imprint on the cake is a very unique way of personalization! Thanks to our new product, you can emphasize the unique nature of each event. Cookies with the advertisement of your company, cookies with thanks for guests, individual cookies for birthday! Your imagination is the only limit!

High-quality wooden stamp with a lacquered raspberry-colored handle. The handle has a hole that allows you to pull a decorative ribbon through it. Text plate made of special material for food. Stamp packed in an ecological cotton bag. The stamp is available in two sizes - 5 and 6 cm in diameter. The package also includes a round cookie cutter.


Food safe material for laser engraving

Ready for laser presents a new product – Ready4food! We are the first on the market to introduce a material specially designed for food preparation. It has many applications in the food industry and is flavourless and odourless. It is perfect for the food industry for marking meat, cheese, eggs, fruits, baked goods and cakes.

The material can be used as a matrix, for stamping unique shapes on biscuits and gingerbread cookies, or with inks designed for food marking, it and guarantees the perfect transfer of the ink and accurate stamping.

Ready4food is specially designed for easy, quick and unscented CO2 laser engraver processing, which helps personalize unique stamps.

The high quality material is exceptionally durable and resistant to high temperatures, dishwashers and boiling water.

It has FDA and BFR certificates which confirm its high quality, standards and safety for human health and the environment.


  • Thickness 3 mm
  • Colour red 
  • Format 350 x 320 mm
  • Hardness 55 ShA +/- 5%
  • One side rough for better ink absorption
  • Recommended engraving depth 75%

We also offer additional accessories:

  • a wide range of stamps in various shapes and sizes
  • double-sided self-adhesive foam in a sheet 300 x 240 x 1 mm

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